Easter Bunnies

On Christians’ resurrection holy day, animal-rescue volunteers have an earnest plea for parents: “Please don’t get your kid a bunny for Easter.”Bunnies are cute and fluffy but require care, exercise and a specialized diet. A rabbit’s typical lifespan is about twelve years, about eleven years, eleven-and-a-half months longer than a typical family’s interest in caring for the furry pet. Animal-care groups estimate eighty percent of rabbits bought as Easter gifts will die or be abandoned within the first year.

Cannon Beach, on the Oregon Coast, is overrun with rabbits. The so-called “beach bunnies” breed like, well, rabbits. They attack garden vegetation and decorate local yards with their bunny waste. Cannon Beach residents are calling for action from the city, but the popular tourist destination does not want be known for rabbit massacres.

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