Aliens Killing Our Cattle?

Ranchers in eastern Oregon have been unsettled by what they lately have been discovering on remote areas of their land. Over the summer five carcasses of young purebred bulls have been found north of the town of Burns. The bulls were bloodless, their tongues and genitals surgically removed. There was no sign of coyotes or buzzards or any other scavengers. The ground around the desiccated bodies was undisturbed, no boot prints, no paw or hoof prints, no vehicle tracks..

Two years earlier and two-hundred miles to the southeast — a long ways from anywhere — a rancher found a cow, bloodless and precisely cut up. Back in the 1980s, another rancher discovered one of his cows, udder removed with precision.

The exact cause of death has not been determined for any of these; they were not shot, poisoned or killed by other animals. The F.B.I. will not confirm or deny it is looking in to the matter.

Reports of cattle, or other animal, mutilations go back to the seventeenth century. In 1606 around London, dozens of sheep were found dead, missing only tallow and some internal parts; otherwise the carcasses were intact and fleece undisturbed. Much has been speculated: some sort of natural cause or evil cults or deep-state government.

The most reasonable explanation is, of course, aliens. In the 1970s, Nebraska farmers reported seeing UFOs in the sky the night before discovering their cattle had been harmed. One intrepid investigator advises to look for a depression under the carcass. Alien ships beam the cattle up, perform their evil deeds then drop the carcasses back to the ground from a great height.

Still unreported is the purpose of the aliens’ machinations.

And what’s being done about crop circles?

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