It’s Easy Being ODOT Green

“My best poem, a prayer in steel.” – David Steinman on the St. Johns Bridge

It’s easy being green… if you’re a bridge.

St. Johns Bridge – Portland

I was surprised the first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge; surprised because I was expecting it to be painted gold. Some patient person explained to me that the bridge was so named because it spanned the Golden Gate between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

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Monica Lewinsky’s Legacy

“In the past you were looking for fingerprints and then it was DNA, and now you’re looking more and more towards examining people’s digital footprint.”

Smartphones don’t make people smarter; in fact, a smartphone in the hands of a dumb person makes it easier for a dumb person to suffer the consequences of dumbness.
Luca Mangiarano walked into a bank in Austin Texas and handed a note to a teller: “This is a robbery, please give me all your 100’s and 50’s in a envelope and everything will be ok.” The bank employee complied. Mangiarano left the bank, hopped on an electric scooter and rolled away.

(If you haven’t yet been nearly run over by scooter or had to walk around one abandoned on a sidewalk, you soon will. There are several companies scattering their for-rent scooters around various cities. You download an app to your smartphone to rent one.)

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