Americans Respond to Crisis

Sure, store shelves have been denuded by panic buying of toilet paper, bottled water and pasta.

But in the U.S. anxious citizens are lining up to buy guns and ammunition because… well, because this is America. (News reports have not noted any concurrent surge of people signing up to join a well-regulated militia.)

Defender of Freedom

Mike Royko, Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago newspaper columnist, did not live long enough to see the Cubs become champions. He periodically reported on the “Ex-Cubs Factor”: that the team with more ex-Cubs players would lose the World Series. He reported exclusive scoops from his friend and confidante, Slats Grobnik. Way back in 1984, before Fox News, he offered his opinion of Rupert Murdoch: “No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a Murdoch paper.” Royko also published an annual column honoring the gun owner of the year.

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