Climate and Science and the Current Occupant of the White House

Perhaps the petty and farcical corruptions of the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency have angered and/or amused you to the point of distraction. National Geographic magazine has made it easy to keep current with our federal government’s attacks on science and environmental regulation. They publish a regularly-updated listing of the latest news on their web site. Their latest post: “Trump Officials Set Aside Evidence of National Monuments’ Successes.”

Bookmark “A Running List of How President Trump Is Changing Environmental Policy” to keep your outrage up to date.

Around the World in Photos

Begin the new year by taking a trip around the world with National Geographic. You can visit people, places and animals from all parts of the globe without leaving your laptop. Best of all, the 52 photos load onto one page (hope you have a fast connection) so you don’t have to click 52 times.

Best Photos of 2016