Yogurt and the Jihadi Threat

twinfalls1Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya bought a closed Kraft plant in New Berlin, New York. Chobani hired some of the ex-Kraft employees and launched his “Chobani” – derived from the Turkish word for “shepherd” – brand of yogurt in 2007. This Greek yogurt brand grew to be the largest-seller in the U.S. Near the end of 2012 Chobani opened a 300-employee plant in bucolic Twin Falls, Idaho. As we know, no good deed goes unpunished.

Chobani invested $450 million and took advantage of $50 million tax and worker-training incentives to build its state-of-the-art plant, factorylocated 125 miles southeast of Boise. Despite a 2013 recall of products tainted with mold, two years later the plant supported 1,200 local jobs, employees and suppliers. Chobani started a job-training program with the College of Southern Idaho. Chobani’s charitable arm, Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, has supported the Southern Idaho Children’s Learning Center, donates to Idaho food banks, and sponsors the Twin Falls county fair and Twin Falls Rapids Soccer Club, among others.

twin-falls-masjid_oIt turns out this is just part of the conspiracy hatched by a certain Kenyan Muslim President for a Radical Muslim takeover of Idaho. The Magic Valley, as it is known, has become home to 1,000 Muslims, including a Refugee Center. The Islamic Center of Twin Falls is expanding its mosque and community center. RWNJs* are alarmed boycott1and blame this compromising of ethnic purity on Obama and Ulukay’s treachery. Radical Islamic Jihadists are taking jobs from real Americans. There is an ongoing boycott of Chobani yogurt.

In the meantime, Chobani is expanding what had already become the world’s largest yogurt plant. Earlier this year, the firm announced it is giving ten percent ownership to its 2,000 employees. This is an average of $150,000 per employee. Share awards are based on length of service; some employees will become millionaires.

*Right-Wing Nut Jobs

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