Have That Sinking Feeling?

The Millennium Tower rises 645 feet above San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. Umm, make that 643 feet 8 inches. Since the building opened in 2009, it has sunk sixteen inches. Oh, and it’s tilting two inches at its base – fifteen inches at the top… so far. Anchoring it to compressed sand eighty feet […]

A Lifetime of Public Service

Rep. John Boehner served the citizens of his Ohio district for more than twenty years in the House of Representatives, and the United States as a whole as House Minority Leader, House Majority Leader and, from 2011 until resigning in 2015, Speaker of the House. Public service runs deep in Mr. Boehner. The long-time Camel […]

Just a Spoonful of Sugar…

Many years ago my food-writer mother gave me a copy of the book “Sugar Blues” by William Duffy. The author blamed sugar for everything from acne to loose stools. We knew sugar was empty calories and was bad for our teeth. We all knew the real villain in an unhealthy diet was saturated fat. The […]

Tell It Like It Is

The Donald may or may not be gaining on Hillary in the presidential race… depending on which poll you look at and on which day you look at it. Trump has ardent supporters who say they appreciate a non-establishment candidate who does not care about political correctness, who tells it like it is. Newsweek – […]

Do You Need More To Worry About?

The San Francisco Giants dismal performance began after trading third-baseman Matt Duffy. U.S. oil production has decreased along with the quality of rock music. Maybe you’re concerned because every Hillary Clinton scandal the Republicans promote just solidifies her position in the polls. Or is it that Donald Trump’s rise in the polls coincides with the […]

Test Scores – Then and Now

When I was in school, a passing test score was 70%. That 70% meant a grade of “D.” If you are a contractor building weapons systems for the Department of Defense, a score of 45% merits a $2 billion performance bonus. 00