Dave Barry’s 2018 Year in Review

It’s January, time to reflect on the year just passed. Dave Barry, as he does every year, gives us a trip down the memory hole of 2018, helping us to remember much that we tried to forget. “What made this year so awful? We could list many factors, including natural disasters, man-made atrocities, the utter […]

Beer News

Everybody loves full-flavored craft beer. (Well, almost everybody; there are still a lot of Coors Light drinkers.) In the last couple decades, so-called craft beers have taken an increasing share of the beer market. Their percentage is still small, but it’s enough so the big guys have taken notice. MolsonCoors/MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch InBev and others are […]

The Power Chord – Parts I & II

“In guitar music, especially electric guitar, a power chord (also fifth chord) is a colloquial name for a chord that consists of the root note and the fifth. Power chords are commonly played on amplified guitars, especially on electric guitar with distortion.”