When the President’s Family Was Fun

Want a break from the venality of Don Jr and siblings? Had enough of hearing about Hunter Biden? Let’s take the Wayback Machine to the seventies — the nineteen seventies.
William Carter, better known as “Billy,” ran for mayor of Plains Georgia in 1976. He lost by a narrow margin. That same year, his older brother James, better known as “Jimmy,” was elected president of the United States.
After attending Emory University in Atlanta for a while and four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Billy came beck home to Plains and joined brother Jimmy in the family’s peanut business. In 1972 he purchased a gasoline service station in Plains. When Jimmy began his run for president, Billy began to attract notice from the news media.

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Wooden It Be Nice

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is more than four hundred parts per million, a concentration greater than at any time in the last three and a half million years. Back then, mid-Pliocene, there was little ice at the earth’s poles and sea level was sixty feet higher.
Those who do not accept that humankind has passed the environmental tipping point place great hope in carbon capture and sequestration. CCS, in simple terms, means capturing CO2 and burying it deep underground where it cannot escape for many millennia. (Kinda like all the methane gas below rapidly-melting tundra.) Carbon-dioxide removal doesn’t just slow or stop the increase of CO2, it reduces it. Skeptics warn that forcing carbon underground will increase earthquake activity. (See fracking.)

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The Short Life, Death and Rebirth of Surfridge

When your plane takes off from LAX — Los Angeles International Airport — you swing out over the Pacific Ocean before banking into the general direction of your destination. Depending on your flight and on weather conditions, you may get a good view of breaking surf, downtown L.A. and Dodger Stadium. Between the end of the runway and the surf, you may notice remnants of abandoned streets. That used to be the prosperous town of Palisades del Rey, better known as Surfridge.

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