What WPA and CCC Did For Us

Timberline Lodge 1937
Timberline Lodge 1937

My father, born and raised in Florida, settled in Oregon after World War II. When relatives came to visit, Timberline Lodge was at the top of his list of attractions to show them. There is irony here: a staunch Republican and FDR hater, he took great pride in showing off this Works Progress Administration make-work project. Franklin D. Roosevelt, creator of the New Deal bureaucracies, came to Mt. Hood to dedicate the Lodge in 1937. Continue reading What WPA and CCC Did For Us

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the Church of One Tree

ChurchRipley’s “Believe It or Not!” operates “Odditoriums” and other attractions in eleven states, Canada, Mexico and six other countries. These locations do not include his hometown, Santa Rosa California, where the “Church of One Tree” once housed a museum celebrating Robert Ripley. Continue reading Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the Church of One Tree

When the Civil War Came to Sonoma County

washoe2Sonoma and Napa have an ongoing rivalry. Sonomans like to make fun of Napa: “Sonoma makes wine; Napa makes auto parts.” The affluent sophisticates in Napa County respond… well, they don’t respond. They scarcely acknowledge the existence of the bumpkins in Sonoma County. But that’s not the civil war this is about. Continue reading When the Civil War Came to Sonoma County

plus ça change… ?

dorian3In May 1895, Oscar Wilde entered Newgate Prison in London to begin two years hard labor for his crime of “gross indecency.” On June 17, 2016, the Tampa Bay Rays drew their largest crowd in a decade. The Rays hosted the San Francisco Giants with 40,135 in attendance on “Pride Night,” dedicated to the victims of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Average attendance for the Rays is 16,037, second lowest in the major leagues.

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My Malheur Summer

Plaza Hotel - Burns, Oregon
Plaza Hotel – Burns, Oregon

The sun was just rising when I kick-started my motorcycle. An army-surplus backpack, recently purchased from Andy and Bax Military Surplus, was strapped to the back of the bike. My duffle bag had departed on a Trailways bus the day before. Lombard Street took me east, away from the city.

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Sports Monuments

kingdome920x920The Kingdome, King County’s domed stadium, home to Seattle’s baseball Mariners and football Seahawks, was demolished in 2000, at the advanced age of twenty-four. Fifteen years after the implosion, March 2015, King County taxpayers finished paying off the bonds issued to finance its construction.

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