Climate Update

The day after Thanksgiving, while we were still semi-comatose from overindulging on food and family, the White House quietly released the latest report on the state of the world’s climate. Friday afternoon is typically news-dump day, a day for the government to release information it hopes few will read. (You can read it here.) The […]

Fighting Urban Traffic

While you’re waiting for Amazon to deliver your latest purchase by drone, UPS is testing a more, umm, down-to-earth approach. The company announced it would begin delivering in Seattle’s downtown Pike Place area using pedal-powered tricycles. The trike-trucks have electric-motor assistance, presumably to help the operator make it up Seattle’s hills. 00

Finally – Some Help for White People

In this digital age there is little chance of going off on a racist rant or other stupid behavior without someone recording it with a smart phone and causing embarrassment or even loss of employment. Niecy Nash decided it was time to help. Now white folks have a hotline to call when they observe African-Americans […]

Influenza Centennial

A hundred years ago, November 11, 1918, the armistice ending four years of fighting the Great War was signed. Armistice Day was later renamed Veterans Day. The Great War became known as World War I to differentiate it from the even greater war that broke out in 1939, a little more than twenty years later. […]