American Stereotypes

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Congratulations if you live on the West Coast. You are in the least stereotypical region of the United States! Anyway, that’s how people in other countries view us: “Americans are highly religious and wealthy consumers who spend their time firing guns, driving vehicles, stuffing their faces, watching reality TV, and are averse to traveling or learning about anything beyond their borders.”

A real estate blog did some research and ranked the fifty states from most-to-least stereotypical. The state of Washington is number 41, California is 45, and Oregon at number 49 is the second-least stereotypical state.

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The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of

bigstarlightIn 1971, Alex Chilton and his friend Chris Bell formed a new band, Big Star. You geezers boomers will remember “The Letter,” inescapable on Top 40 radio in the late 60s. Chilton was the sixteen-year-old singer on that number-one record and the string of hits that followed for the Box Tops.

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Air Travel Safety

How safe is air travel, really? We are at the height of the vacation-travel season. Here is something to think about at the airport, while you’re waiting in line for the security screening: “How (and How Often) Airplane Bathrooms Are Cleaned