You Get What You Pay For Dept.

Douglas County Oregon, at the south end of the Willamette Valley, has for many decades been the fortunate recipient of revenue from tax on timber harvests. As the logging industry has declined, so has income from it. Now its citizens are faced with difficult decisions about paying for things themselves that previously were “free.” In […]

Electoral College Follies

Unhappy because your vote in California counted for less than a Nebraska resident’s vote? Think the Electoral College is unfair because a candidate who garners fewer votes still wins the Presidency – twice so far in this century? Imagine how you would feel had you voted for Andrew Jackson. 00

Free at Last… Free at Last!

After nearly eight years of oppression, we white people have finally broken the shackles of political correctness. Kory Duquette – Arab, Alabama: Trump has eliminated “that uncomfortable feeling of being afraid to speak your mind as a white man. There is nothing wrong with being white.” Christine Bolan – St. Paul, Minnesota: “Obama cared more […]

1992 – Like It Was Yesterday

The late, lamented Molly Ivins was an aficionado of Texas politics. And national politics when a Texan made it onto the big stage. I was recently reading “Letters to The Nation,” a collection of dispatches she wrote for The Nation magazine. From “Notes from Another Country,” her report on the 1992 Republican National Convention: “The […]