Another Unsolved Crime

Ötzi was minding his own business, traveling through the Alps, when he was shot from behind. The arrow went deep into his shoulder. He fell against a rock and died, face down in the snow. He was dressed for his trek, wearing a menagerie of clothing: goatskin leggings, sheepskin loincloth, cow-leather shoelaces, brown-bear hat, sheep […]

Some Personality on the Crossing

Portland’s Tilikum Crossing opened about a year ago. The bridge is open to buses, streetcars, light rail, bicycles and pedestrians. No truck or auto traffic. Walkers and bikers travel side by side, each with a designated lane. A guerilla artist apparently decided the symbols were lacking character, and so added some personality. 00

There’s Always a Silver Lining

Yes, we’re all very upset that Brangelina is now Brad and Angelina separately. But for Norwegian Air, it’s a marketing opportunity. Knowing that many people want to be in the same place as Brad, they’re offering special fares to LAX. Curiously, they’re not doing the same for Angelina devotees. 00