A Future Without Mercedes Benz?

Well, not really. It’s unlikely the Mercedes Benz marque will disappear from the streets anytime soon. But Daimler AG, maker of Mercedes, Smart Car and Freightliner and Western Star trucks isn’t taking chances. The German-based company recently purchased GlobeSherpa, a company that built the ticket-purchasing app for Tri-Met, Portland’s bus and light-rail operator. Daimler folded […]

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You.

The day of our peaceful transfer of power, one of the first changes was the disappearance of the Climate Change page on whitehouse.gov. (Also disappearing: LGBT, Civil Rights. Oh, and the button for users with disabilities including a White House video tour in sign language, an explanation of links on the site for viewers to […]

How To Pack – without regret

During my recently ended traveling-for-work days I made many passages through the Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa. Alaska/Horizon Airlines offers once-a-day flights to Seattle, Portland, Orange County, San Diego and twice a day to Los Angeles. Now that I no longer need to go to Scottsdale Arizona, American Airlines is […]

Engineered Grass and rBST

The damage done by the Bundy clowns wasn’t enough suffering for Malheur County. Now they’re dealing with longer-term damage caused by Scotts Miracle-Gro. Oregon’s billion-dollar grass seed industry is in peril. Who’s the villain? Besides Scotts, you can blame golfers, Japan, and Monsanto. 00

Life After Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rob Leonard was an undergraduate at Columbia University in 1968 when he and his brother George transformed the school’s a-cappella group by having them dress and style their hair like 1950s punks from Brooklyn. They sang doo-wop hits from that early rock ‘n’ roll era. They added instruments and became a nationwide success as Sha […]

Why Libraries Smell Funny

Even in our high-tech Internet age, libraries are still operating. Maybe not as many hours per week as a couple decades ago, maybe not as meeting places for teenagers on school nights, but they still serve a function beyond providing rest rooms for homeless people. Just for fun, librarians responded to a survey asking what […]