Do You Need More To Worry About?

someone_is_wrong_on_the_internet1246485981The San Francisco Giants dismal performance began after trading third-baseman Matt Duffy. U.S. oil production has decreased along with the quality of rock music. Maybe you’re concerned because every Hillary Clinton scandal the Republicans promote just solidifies her position in the polls. Or is it that Donald Trump’s rise in the polls coincides with the support of Vladimir Putin? Did you know that the number of people strangled in their bed sheets rises with the increased consumption of cheese?

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How To Win Every Argument

logicIf you find yourself ill at ease in a discussion because your argument and its supporting facts are weak, the answer is to fake it. If you present your case forcefully and with conviction, your opponent may begin to question his/her facts. For example, use an anecdote. Relate a personal experience or make up a story about a relative of a friend who had an experience that backs up your argument. This can obscure the fact that statistics still do not support your position.

For a concise guide to ad hominem, strawmen, loaded question, begging the question, and many others, click here. There is even a downloadable poster. Who knows, with a little practice, you could become a successful politician.

Mexico Will Pay for the Wall

mexico-wallWe know that a big wall on the U.S.-Mexican border will solve all our immigration problems. The plan to have Mexico pay for it is simple and obvious: Hire Mexican contractors to build it, then don’t pay them. The Advocate-in-Chief for this strategy has a long history of operating in that manner.

Read about it from 1990.

From 2016 here and here.

Older and Wiser… and Happier

Old-person-laughing-434760From the Los Angeles Times:

“In a recent survey… researchers report that people in their 20s were the most stressed out and depressed, while those in their 90s were the most content.”

… and

“The older people were, the happier they felt… People who were in older life were happier, more satisfied, less depressed, had less anxiety and less perceived stress than younger respondents.”oldlady