What’s the Difference?

IMG_0884“I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a prescription I’m not able to sell you medical marijuana.”

“OK, I’ll have some recreational marijuana, please.”

“Of course. Will that be cash or card?”


Reminds me of a business trip several years ago. Arriving on a late-night flight into a southern California resort town I took a shuttle to an off-airport, cut-rate rental-car operation. They could not find my reservation. Showing a printed copy of the confirmed reservation, including confirmation number, did not help. The clerk could not find my reservation. Exasperated and wondering what to do next, I asked, “Well, do you have any cars at all?”

“Oh sure, we have plenty of cars.”

Smartphone Apps for Safe Travels

phoneI’m glad to have been a teenager in the time before cell phones and GPS tracking allowed parents to always know where their kids were. And as a parent of now-grown daughters, well, if you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.

Here are some useful smartphone apps, and not just for travelers. But don’t use them when you’re crossing a busy street.

Spending Too Much Time on YouTube

The problem with YouTube is that once you start – doing serious research, of course – you get distracted by the endless panoply of videos. Before you know it, hours have passed.

On the Johnny Carson show, big-name guests, instead of moving down the couch when their time was up, would have to leave for some presumably important commitment. Here’s Steve Martin:

More About Beer Marketing

Rainer wasn’t the only Northwest beer with clever commercials that couldn’t keep it in business. Blitz-Weinhard marketed itself as “The Beer Here.” Today, it’s another brand from somewhere.

Henry Weinhard opened his Portland brewery in 1856, three years before Oregon became a state. For decades, Blitz-Weinhard was the largest-selling beer in Oregon. Pabst Brewing bought the company in 1979; sold to G. Heileman in 1983; Heileman’s bankruptcy in 1996 prompted sale to Stroh Brewing Co; Stroh sold to Miller in 1999; Miller immediately closed brewery and moved production up I-5 to Olympia; Miller closed that brewery in 2003 and contracted with Full Sail in Hood River to brew the brand; Miller became MillerCoors in 2007; Full Sail contract ended in 2013 and now Henry Weinhard’s is brewed… somewhere.

The brewery, adjacent to Powell’s City of Books, is now the Brewery Blocks, a conglomeration of condos and apartments, offices, trendy retail – Whole Foods, Sur la Table and others – and a location of MillerCoors franchised Henry’s Tavern.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s to share the story of Schludwiller beer, a fictitious California brand and attempts by intrepid truckers Vern and Earl to bring it into Oregon. The Schludwiller truck actually was used by the brewery to distribute its beer and could be seen traveling the highways throughout the state.

American Stereotypes

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Congratulations if you live on the West Coast. You are in the least stereotypical region of the United States! Anyway, that’s how people in other countries view us: “Americans are highly religious and wealthy consumers who spend their time firing guns, driving vehicles, stuffing their faces, watching reality TV, and are averse to traveling or learning about anything beyond their borders.”

A real estate blog did some research and ranked the fifty states from most-to-least stereotypical. The state of Washington is number 41, California is 45, and Oregon at number 49 is the second-least stereotypical state.

Click here for full report.