Time Zones

Over the years of my business life, I’ve spent many nights at the University Inn in Seattle. Some time ago, it became part of Pineapple Hospitality Company. Pineapple has several properties in Seattle, one in Portland and, most recently, in San Francisco. Not long ago we spent a getaway weekend in The City – natives always use capitol “T” and capitol “C” – and stayed at Pineapple’s Hotel California.

In the lobby, they helpfully display three clocks, so one can immediately check the time of day in any city where Pineapple has a hotel.

Lobby of Hotel California
Hotel California Lobby – San Francisco


Integrity and Talking Heads

Brian Williams is hardly the first TV anchorman to have his integrity questioned. If you are of a certain age, or a television rerun aficionado, you may remember Ted Baxter, anchorman at WJM-TV in Minneapolis. Take a look at Ted defending himself against an accusation of unethical behavior.