Internal Combustion’s Last Gasp?

Automakers have been chewing nails ever since introduction of the Tesla that’s been beating all comers in acceleration. Finally, after two years of work by a team of twenty-five engineers, Dodge has unleashed its 840-horsepower Demon. Dodge claims it is the fasted production car period. The Demon reached 60 miles-per-hour in 2.3 seconds. That’s two tenths of a second quicker than the Tesla Model S P100D. “Big deal,” you say.
It is a big deal. Bragging rights are important in marketing a car to that certain segment of auto buyers who cannot abide losing to a battery-powered sissy car. Dodge brought Vin Diesel to the 2017 New York International Auto Show to emphasize how serious they are about being the leader in the macho car market. The Demon comes with barely-legal drag-racing tires and an $85,000 price tag. The high-performance Tesla sells for about $130,000, but that includes passenger and rear seats. No mention of the Demon’s fuel consumption. The Tesla P100D gets the equivalent of 98 miles per gallon.
One pundit commented that the Demon is evidence that the internal-combustion-powered vehicle has jumped the shark.

Easter Dinner Reviews

Poppa and Gram’s Easter Dinner

★★★☆☆ (18 ratings)



The green bean & mushroom casserole was the bomb! I asked Gram for the recipe, but she said it’s a family secret passed down through generations! The sweet potatoes with the toasted little marshmallows on top were dope. The only reason I’m not giving this five stars is there was no PBR beer to wash the meal down with.


The food wasn’t bad. I would’ve given more stars if I’d felt welcomer. I took a picture of my plate and was putting it up on Instagram when Poppa said he’d really appreciate it if people would not use cell phones at the dinner table. It’s not like I was talking on the phone or anything! If they expect grandkids to come over for dinner, they need to let us text and stuff. It’s like they’re living in another century!


I have eaten here regularly for many years, breakfast and dinner. Usually it’s been pretty good although the portions were often too small. The food would be brought to the table with the announcement of how many slices of bacon or how many pieces of roast we were each allowed. And then if we didn’t eat it all, no dessert. I’m glad to see that now the servings are of a reasonable size.


My wife told me I would really like this. It was supposed to be a family-style dinner. We drove a long way with our children and then Gram told them they had to sit at a separate “kids” table. Our kids are well behaved. Being kids, of course sometimes they get a little rambunctious. That’s no reason to not let them sit at the same table with the others or to get so upset because one of them threw a couple green beans at another or knocked over a glass of chocolate milk.


The ham was better than Honey Baked. My only criticism is the slices weren’t perfect like the spiral ones from Honey Baked. The brown-sugar glaze made up for that, though. And Gram and Poppa were really nice, too. Gram made sure I got all I wanted to eat. And the pecan pie – Wow! With REAL whipped cream in a spray can. And they had my favorite, Bud Lite.


I went to a lot of trouble to order a “Happy Easter” cake from Costco for the dinner. I think it was very rude of everyone to eat the pecan pie that Gram made and not mine. They probably just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. At least I got to take the cake home so I can eat it later.


This has to be my favorite pop-up restaurant. You could tell every dish had received the personal attention of the owners. Part of the charm was after the meal we all pitched in with clearing the table and taking care of the dishes. Not sure why none of the guys did, though.


I really don’t like this place, but my husband makes me go.


I thought by now Gram knew that I am a vegetarian. I know ham with brown-sugar glaze is the tradition, but does anybody think about the living conditions of the pigs before they are slaughtered? I didn’t make a fuss but I will definitely have a conversation with Gram before Thanksgiving. I also will tell them I’ll bring the wine next time. Nobody drinks white Zinfandel. I gave three stars because I think they really do try.

Who’s Weirder… or Weirdest?

Bud Clark, the weirdest mayor?

Portland historically has been viewed as a less-sophisticated Seattle wannabe. So Portland has always proclaimed why it is better than its neighbor to the north. Seattle has Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon. Portland has Nike. Sonoma County –where I spent the last twenty years in Santa Rosa before recently moving back to the Northwest’s Rose City – has a similar view of Napa. The slogan, “Sonoma makes wine; Napa makes auto parts,” is often credited to Sonoman Tom Smothers. Napa doesn’t recognize the existence of Sonoma.

Having become hip, in large part a result of television’s “Portlandia” comedy, Portland now self-consciously wants to keep Portland weird. I was recently in Austin, Texas, where the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is unavoidable. Rather than compete with Austin, however, OregonLive, the on-line remnant of the once-proud Oregonian newspaper, has declared that Portland is weirder than San Francisco. Not that San Francisco claims to be weird or cares much what Portland thinks. They just refer to their home as The City.

OregonLive enumerated all the things making Portland weirder than the City by the Bay, from having a weirder mayor to a weirder NBA star.

If you care, you can peruse the list here.