Eaten Any Good Bugs Lately?

Enjoying that hamburger? It took 900 gallons of water to produce that half-pound burger. The source of that ground beef released thirteen pounds of greenhouse gases: methane from farts and burps, and nitrous oxide from manure. Thirty percent of the land in the world is used to raise grain to feed cattle, chickens and pigs. […]

Back to the Seventies

In this Internet age, it’s quick and easy to find “21 Celebs And Their Pick For President.” Finding the original point of sale of a firearm is a manual process. The National Rifle Association and their cowering minions in legislatures are protecting our freedoms by making it as slow and difficult as possible to track […]

Climate Progress Report

According to Michael Mann, a climatologist at Penn State University, “The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. They are playing out before us, in real time. The 2015 numbers drive that home.” The Planet Earth set several records in 2015: The Earth experienced its hottest year on record Greenhouse gas concentration was the highest […]