Surreptitious Agriculture

MJfarmWay back when, a friend would occasionally stop by our apartment near the University of Oregon campus. He’d pull some marijuana out of his pocket, roll up a joint and share it with us. Everyone feeling relaxed, we’d make the purchase: twenty dollars for a baggie. It was all very friendly.

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Urban Driving

A Picture Story

IMG_1896Traffic coming towards you becomes one-way. Traffic going away from you is two-way. Traffic entering intersection from your right can go straight or turn left.

IMG_1899When I navigate this intersection, I am in the right lane, as I am usually traveling straight ahead.

The left lane can go straight or turn left.

Turning left with red light onto a one-way street is legal.

IMG_1900It appears one driver wanting to turn has become annoyed waiting behind drivers who won’t turn until the light is green.

IMG_1901Annoyed enough post instructions on the back of a street sign.