Saving Birds from Renewable Energy

As electricity-producing wind farms proliferate, more birds die. Researchers have found a simple solution to the birds being killed by flying into wind turbines. Painting one of the three blades black reduces the carnage by seventy percent. One black blade minimizes “motion smear” of the whirling blades, making a turbine more visible.

According to a noted expert, wind turbines are a mortal danger to already-endangered bald eagles. “The windmills are killing hundreds and hundreds of eagles. They’re killing them by the hundreds.” The expert went on to state his credentials: “I know windmills very much, I have studied it better than anybody.”

An actual scientist says about a hundred bald eagles are killed annually by wind turbines. The total of all bird deaths caused by turbine blades is about three-hundred-thousand birds each year.

For some perspective:

  • Various studies estimate that in the United States, cats kill two- or three- billion (with a “B”) birds each year.
  • Flying into windows causes the death of somewhere between four-hundred thousand and a billion birds.
  • Crashing into cell and radio towers claim another seven-million bird lives.

Enough about birds. What about people? According to that same noted expert, wind turbines also cause cancer in humans.

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