A Meander Through the Neighborhood

The South Waterfront in Portland is a neighborhood in transition. Formerly a heavy industrial area – the attendant pollution has supposedly been cleaned – it now features high-rise condominiums and newly-constructed apartment buildings. Although a couple restaurants have come and gone, in the last few weeks three, count ‘em, three new pizza shops have opened. There is also a gourmet ice cream shop and a place selling four-dollar donuts.

A free-pizza grand opening had people lined up all day
Grilled cheese and hand-dipped corn dogs!








Health care for our four-legged friends
We take good care of our dogs






Haven’t yet figured out what to do about dog urine








The neighborhood’s first auto dealer is getting ready to open and sell their electric cars


Zidell is building its last barge. They have concluded developing their waterfront property is more lucrative than building vessels. Food carts are now adjacent to their barge construction.

Zidell’s Emery Apartments – in the shadow of the Ross Island Bridge
Zidell’s last barge
Food carts moving in on barge construction


The neighborhood’s first homesteader