What To Drink on 420 Day

Heineken presumably knew what they were letting themselves in for when they put up a half-billion dollars last year to purchase half ownership of Lagunitas Brewing. Tony Magee founded the brewery in Petaluma California. Since then, most non-profit events in Sonoma County featured Lagunitas beer donated by Mr. Magee. The brewery also made headlines with the great marijuana bust of 2005. Lagunitas suffered through a twenty-day license suspension imposed by the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Unapologetic, the company periodically releases a seasonal brew labeled “Lagunitas Undercover Investigation on Shutdown or ‘Whatever, We’re Still Here’.” Still here… and there, too. Lagunitas has expanded to Azusa, Chicago, Charleston and Seattle.

So, of course Lagunitas is commemorating 420 day. According to legend, the day’s origins can be traced to high schoolers in San Rafael, just a few miles down Highway 101 in Marin County.

Lagunitas will celebrate – the operative word no doubt will be “celebrate” – twenty-five years of brewing in 2018.