White Oak Pastures – Revisited

Devoted fans of this blog remember reading about the two Harrises: Harris Ranch’s feed lot in California and Will Harris’s White Oak Pastures in Georgia. There was a reference to a profile of White Oak published in the Oxford American magazine. It was not available on-line; now it is. Or you could subscribe. The annual Southern Music issue comes out soon. The CD that comes with it is worth the subscription price.

The OA also produced a brief video.

Shouting Darkness into Darkness

From the Oxford American magazine:

bessie_smithThere is a remarkable story tucked halfway through Bessie, Chris Albertson’s biography of the blues singer Bessie Smith, in which Smith approaches a circle of robed North Carolina Klansmen, places one hand on her hip, and begins shaking the other in the air. She hollers obscenities at the men—who were disassembling the tent her touring company had erected earlier that night, in a particularly childish bit of public dissension—until “they finally turned and disappeared quietly into the darkness.”

Read about Bessie Smith.