Voter-Suppression Factoid

The state of Florida, home to retirees from around the country, voted Republican Rick Scott to two terms as governor. The irony is rich here, as Scott is still the record holder for Medicare fraud. Governor Scott, now running for U.S. Senate, knows that Republicans cannot win elections if everyone votes. 00

Handy Guide to Coming Disasters

Both senators from Texas, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and twenty of their House colleagues voted against the 2013 Hurricane Sandy Relief Act. (In the previous fiscal year, Texas received more federal disaster relief money than any other state.) All but four Texas reps voted in favor of initial Harvey relief legislation. The four dissenters […]

More About Less Sand

The world is running out of sand. The right kind of sand that is. Miami Beach is in danger of losing its main tourist attraction: pristine sandy beaches. In fact, most of its sand was imported from the Bahamas. Rick Scott, who prior to his election and re-election as Florida’s governor was best known for […]