The Deep State Bigfoot Coverup

You may be skeptical about the Deep State, the hidden-from-view unelected bureaucracy that is insidiously attempting to undermine the business of our honorable leaders. Maybe you have some cynicism about claims made by the current occupant of the White House and his legions of toadies. Read on to remove all doubt about the secrets that have been kept from us.

We in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with stories of Sasquatch, popularly known as Bigfoot. It’s real, we just know it. The beast is big, it’s hairy and smelly. Just because one has never been captured or a skeleton has never been found doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And now we learn the F.B.I. has covered up the story for more than four decades.

Way back in 1976 Peter Byrne, an intrepid Sasquatch investigator, followed up on a credible Bigfoot sighting. Two U.S. Forest Service employees reported finding giant footprints of unknown origin in the coastal mountains of Oregon near the California border. Byrne obtained strands of hair that had been snagged in the brush. The hair was attached to a small piece of skin. He contacted the F.B.I.

A photo from released FBI files showing a hair sample analyzed by the agency that had been submitted in 1976 as possible Sasquatch hair.

Byrne heard back from the Scientific and Technical Services Division informing him that the agency “conducts examinations primarily of physical evidence in connection with criminal investigations,” but in this case they’d make an exception, “in the interest of research and scientific inquiry.” Byrne sent the hairs off to the F.B.I. for examination.

The F.B.I. eventually responded that after examining by “transmitted and incident light microscopy” the conclusion was “that the hairs are of deer family origin.”

But wait. A year earlier, the Army Corps of Engineers published its “1975 Environmental Atlas for Washington.” The Atlas included a map “Sasquatch tracks and Sightings” but also the disclaimer that the existence of the creature “is hotly disputed.” It went on to say, “Alleged Sasquatch hair samples inspected by the F.B.I. laboratories resulted in the conclusion that no such hair exists on any human or presently known animal for which such data is available.”

Obviously the F.B.I. decided to withhold the whole Bigfoot story. Conveniently, they were not able to locate the previous examination. The F.B.I. would not comment on the just-released files.

Fortunately, there are still diehard Sasquatch believers who are still searching. (There also are killjoy non-believers.) Could it be that Bigfoot is hiding out in the same place as some income-tax returns?

The F.B.I. Vault web site is an endless source of information made available by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, much of it useless but much of it entertaining. Click here to dive down the rabbit hole.

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  1. I have a buddy living on 20 acres in Port Angeles WA. His land is heavily forested and he has a couple of trail cams to keep track of the wild things in his area, so far black bear, cougar, deer, bobcat. He recently sent me a photo from one of his cams asking me to help identify a “large, furry creature” that was disappearing into the brush so there was not a clear image. We laughed and suggested it was a sasquatch until I got out my magnifying glass and examined the picture to establish it was a squirrel that dashed in front of the camera and the perspective made it appear to be off in the distance thus giving the impression of “a large furry creature”…alas no sasquatch but then an old friend of mine who worked with a small Native band up in the western corner of the Olympic Peninsula was trail hiking when, he swears, a sasquatch crossed his trail a few yards ahead of him. He swears it stunk up the whole area. The Native people there said they saw them occasionally.

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