A Very Google Christmas

  Google, everybody’s favorite invader of privacy – well, maybe tied with Amazon – has a holiday gift for you. Click here for a no-cost – other than your personal information  – tour of Christmas windows in New York. Enjoy! 00

New Career Opportunities

The state of California estimates there are 102 million dead trees within its borders. Beetle infestation and a lack of water from the state’s five-year drought – climate change? – have rampaged through the forests like a plague. Add to that unrelenting fire suppression, in large part to protect property owned by people who think […]

Electoral College Follies

Unhappy because your vote in California counted for less than a Nebraska resident’s vote? Think the Electoral College is unfair because a candidate who garners fewer votes still wins the Presidency – twice so far in this century? Imagine how you would feel had you voted for Andrew Jackson. 00