New Career Opportunities

The state of California estimates there are 102 million dead trees within its borders. Beetle infestation and a lack of water from the state’s five-year drought – climate change? – have rampaged through the forests like a plague. Add to that unrelenting fire suppression, in large part to protect property owned by people who think a home in the woods is the way to commune with nature. The forest is filled with dead and dying trees that otherwise would have been recycled by fire.

The state is paying as much as $1,000 each to have dead trees felled and removed. Logging is again a growing industry. It’s also the most dangerous. Loggers are more likely to meet their demise on the job than any other occupation.

Read about one contractor who can’t keep up with the demand for his services.

Electoral College Follies

Unhappy because your vote in California counted for less than a Nebraska resident’s vote? Think the Electoral College is unfair because a candidate who garners fewer votes still wins the Presidency – twice so far in this century? Imagine how you would feel had you voted for Andrew Jackson.

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