In Case You Missed This

If you did not stay up late election night, you probably haven’t seen this. The talking heads were preening in the spotlight, making light-hearted banter about the pundits, including themselves, and how wrong they were. Oh well. Then Foreign correspondent Richard Engel came on and spoiled their party. Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t include their reaction […]

Pizza and Disney and Wine and Utopia

Domino’s Pizza impresario, Tom Monaghan had his “Aha” moment, so the story goes, after digesting the results from his surveys of pizza customers. He learned that for many, having the product brought to them was more important than whether the product was any good. And so began the thirty minutes or it’s free Domino’s delivery […]

Back to the (Vinyl) Future

Lady GaGa is making news with her latest album, just released. Oops, I mean “dropped.” Some of the new songs were recorded on analog equipment, on tape, as it was done way back when, before the 1s and 0s of digital recording took over in the nineteen-nineties. Digital recording has the advantage that a song […]

Defending the Purity of Country Music

“I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.” – Bob Newhart   “Queen Bey and the Dixie Chicks, I thought that was just power, just raw power. I just love that it was feminine raw power.” – […]

The Cubs Won; That’s What Matters

Aroldis Chapman, closer for the World Series champion Chicago Cubs throws the fastest pitches ever recorded: 105 miles-per-hour. He also is the first player to be penalized under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence rules. Not to worry, though, his accuser, Cristina Chapman, mother of one of his children, was the special guest of the Cubs […]

The Half-Billion Dollar Swoosh

Every city seems to have its Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, or Boulevard. It typically is in the most dilapidated part of town. You can draw your own conclusion from that. When Portland renamed Union Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, there was an outcry, claiming that “Union” was part of the city’s heritage, […]