Amazon, the New Domino’s?

In the mid 1960s, Tom Monaghan did some informal research among customers of his three-location pizza restaurant. He concluded that enough people wanted their order delivered and wouldn’t much care whether the pizza was any good, he changed the emphasis of his operation. Domino’s Pizza promised delivery within thirty minutes of taking the order or the pizza was free. He also began franchising and in less than a decade had two-hundred locations.

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Pizza and Disney and Wine and Utopia

roundbarnDomino’s Pizza impresario, Tom Monaghan had his “Aha” moment, so the story goes, after digesting the results from his surveys of pizza customers. He learned that for many, having the product brought to them was more important than whether the product was any good. And so began the thirty minutes or it’s free Domino’s delivery promise. Enough people were killed or maimed by Domino’s delivery drivers trying to beat the deadline, that the company no longer makes that guarantee.

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